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What is Skrill VCC?

Skrill VCC is a Virtual Credit Card which is used for the purpose of activating Skrill account. Skrill is a renowned platform for online payment and money transaction. It allows you to pay for something you buy online or send money to people for different purposes.

Having a Skrill VCC will allow you to get the account activated real quickly. It is beneficial in different places where the credit cards don’t serve the best.

What is the Use of Skrill VCC?

Just like other kinds of Virtual Credit Cards, Skrill VCC is mainly used for verifying and opening a Skrill account quickly. It reduces the waiting time for getting the account activated.

Normally getting a Skrill account takes time of a few days for manual verification and other necessary details checking. But if you own a Skrill VCC, you can easily get the account within a short time.

This is the main benefit it provides compared to other credit cards. With a real credit card, opening an account in Skrill takes huge time.

This is an approved method by Skrill. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it unless you don’t take a wrong turn.

How a Skrill VCC Works?

Whenever you buy a Skrill VCC from any seller, the seller will send you a 16 digit card no and other information. It takes a few hours. Normally you’ll get the card number within 72 hours of making the payment. It depends on the seller’s policy.

The card number you’ll receive is your account number. Now at the time of opening the account, you have to use the card number. Put the 16 digit number in the box requiring Credit/Debit card number. Put other necessary information too.

Finish the rest of the account opening process and wait for a short time. You’ll get the confirmation of owning a Skrill account.

Where Can You Get a Skrill VCC?

There are some authentic sellers of Virtual Credit Cards. You can get Skrill VCC from them. Before buying, try to take some reviews. An authentic seller will help you if you face any problem.

We also sell Skrill Virtual Credit Cards. If you are interested in taking our service, please check our cards. You’ll find many more cards available here too.


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