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What is eBay VCC?

eBay VCC is a Virtual Credit Card which is mainly for the use of opening eBay account. eBay is a large customer-to-customer or business-to-customer sales platform based on America. To buy or sell things on this website, you need to own an account. The eBay VCC helps you to get the account without waiting for a long time.

So, if you are looking for owning an eBay account, eBay VCC is very much essential for you.

What is the Use of eBay VCC?

At the time of opening an eBay account, you have to select a payment option. There you have to submit your credit or debit card number and other information. Here you have a risk of losing your personal information. But a card number is a must at the time of opening an eBay account.

eBay VCC saves you from this hazard. If you have one, opening an account in eBay is very easy and safe. You won’t have a fear of losing your personal information. Besides, using an eBay VCC helps to open the account quickly. It erases the necessity of manual checking and confirmation.

How eBay VCC works?

It is already said that eBay VCC helps you to open an eBay account easily. So, it is sure that you have to use the card at the time of creating an eBay account. When it wants the payment option, simply you have to insert the virtual credit card number in the box and fill other fields.

You’ll receive the card no from the seller from whom you have bought the eBay VCC. If you insert the information properly, you’ll get the account activated. Thus, eBay VCC can be used instead to debit or credit cards to open an eBay account.

Where Can You Find an eBay VCC?

There are a number of eBay Virtual Credit Card sellers available on the internet. Google search will help you to find the sellers. But try to be sure about the seller from whom you are buying the card. Try to buy from trusted sellers.

Here in this website, you’ll find eBay virtual credit cards at a cheap rate. We offer a supportive service to make sure that you can make the best use of the card. If you are interested, please check our available cards.


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