Bing Ads VCC

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What is Bing Ads VCC?

Bing Ads VCC is a Virtual Credit Card used for Bing Ads account. Bing Ads is one of the largest PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platform that allows the website owners to earn using the visitor of their site. Bing Ads VCC is mainly used at the time of opening a Bing Ads account.

Opening a Bing Ads account is not easy. Besides, many people get their account disabled after a few days. Bing Ads VCC is there to open an account easily and keep it safe.

What is the Use of Bing Ads VCC?

Bing Ads Virtual Credit Card is used to make different payment from your Bing Ads account, especially for opening the account. Account opening process in Bing Ads is a bit difficult. It also needs a few days to activate the account properly. But if you have a Bing Ads VCC, the process becomes quicker.

Bing Ads doesn’t allow every Visa/MasterCard as a payment option. So, it is better for you to get one of the Bing Ads Virtual Credit Cards instead of being stuck with your card at the time of opening an account.

Virtual Credit Cards for Bing Ads are trusted payment method enlisted by the platform. So, you can use the card without any worries.

How Bing Ads VCC Works?

Bing Ads VCC comes with a 16-digit card number, expiry date, and other necessary information. When you go to open a Bing Ads account, you need to insert debit/credit card info in the payment details window. In that box, you can use the number and other details of your Virtual Credit Card. After inputting, perform other steps to make account opening successful.

Thus a Bing Ads VCC works. You’ll get the confirmation within a few hours that your account is ready to run. Just make sure that you are not providing wrong information at any step of the process.

Where Can You Find a Bing Ads VCC?

A Bing Ads VCC can be found on many platforms on the internet. Just search on Google, and you’ll see that there are a lot of providers.

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