About us

In our store you can instantly buy virtual bank cards VISA Virtuon and MasterCard in three currencies: rubles, dollars and euros. The face value of cards varies from 100 rubles / 1 USD / 1 EURO to 100 000 rubles / 3000 USD / 2500 EURO.

A virtual card is a prepaid bank card, which is a set of details and is intended for safe payment in goods and services on the Internet. Virtual prepaid card is served by two international payment systems – Visa and MasterCard. A virtual card will help you quickly, anonymously and without risk of data theft make a payment in any online store that accepts ordinary bank cards. is the future of online commerce.

Benefits of a virtual prepaid card:

  • It works everywhere. With the help of virtual prepaid card you can pay for purchases on all sites where they accept Visa and MasterCard bank cards.
  • Instant payment. All operations using Visa and MasterCard virtual occur instantly.
  • Automatic instant delivery. You will receive your virtual prepaid card immediately after payment.
  • Payment Security. Virtual cards are purchased for the purchase amount and close to it, and therefore, even if the data falls into the hands of the attacker, he is unlikely to be able to profit from anything.
  • Anonymity of payment. Virtual cards are completely anonymous and do not contain any data about the payer.
  • Easy to receive and use.To pay with a virtual card, you need to enter the data received from us into the payment form on the site.
    There are no additional commissions when paying. The vast majority of sites do not charge users any additional fees for VISA Virtuon and MasterCard Virtual.
  • It is possible to make purchases on foreign sites. For example: EA Games, Ebay, Amazon, **, Google Adwords, iTunes, WordPress, FaceBook, GodAddy, Skype, AppStore, PokerStars, Blizzard, Betfair, iOffer, Skrrill, eBay, Google Adwords, Bet365, Amazon Praim, Netflix, Bing, Amazon seller, iTunes, Microsoft store, Google play, blizzard, iherb, steam.
  • The ability to transfer. You can easily transfer the card to another user. To do this, dictate or send information about it. This is a convenient and free way to transfer funds.


Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, USA, UK, Japan, Indonesia, France, Portugal, Estonia, Italian.